Celebrating Pride at SiriusPoint


Happy Pride Month! Pride is a celebration of the rights, acceptance, and equality of LGBTQIA+ individuals. At SiriusPoint, we’re proud to introduce our LGBTQIA+ Network, SiriusPride. The goal of our employee resource group is to cultivate a workplace that champions inclusivity, equality, and empowerment for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.  

SiriusPride is led by colleagues from across our global business: Anique Buddhdev, Tracy McMillan, Ryan Buffkin, and Josh Mitten. It is chaired by executive sponsors who are committed to making meaningful and impactful contributions to SiriusPoint’s diversity and inclusion efforts. 


Here, our Executive Sponsors tell us why they chose to be a part of SiriusPride: 


I’m excited to work for a company that prioritizes diversity and inclusion, where every colleague can bring their authentic self to work.  

Supporting the SiriusPride community as a co-sponsor is important, but being an ally every day matters even more. Research shows that diverse companies perform better financially, but for me, it’s about doing what’s right. I’m excited for the launch of SiriusPride and look forward to seeing support for all SiriusPoint ERGs integrated into our company culture!” – Patrick Charles



“I volunteered to be an Executive Sponsor of SiriusPride because I’m deeply committed to creating an inclusive environment where brilliant individuals from all walks of life can build fulfilling careers. 

Growing up, I was surrounded by diversity and witnessed firsthand the enriching perspectives it offers. My daughters have experienced the same positive environment. I have witnessed bullying during my school years, which fuels my passion to prevent such adversity in the workplace and beyond.   

 Addressing unconscious bias in industry decisions is an ongoing mission for me, and I’m committed to making a positive difference.” – Rob Gibbs



“Our ERGs exist to support and encourage diversity in SiriusPoint. As someone based in Bermuda, I’ve witnessed the progress made in supporting and celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community here. However, there’s still work to do.  

In Bermuda, there are still many challenges being faced by the LGBTQIA+ community and these issues unfortunately resonate globally. 

Therefore, I’m thrilled to support SiriusPride in fostering an environment where all employees can flourish personally and professionally, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.” – Nick Campbell


Upcoming Pride Events 

Pride events are a vibrant expression of love, resilience, and progress. 

We sponsor Bermuda Pride every year, which is always a fantastic event to be part of and a way to support the LGBTQIA+ community in Bermuda.  

This year’s theme is Family Affair, which will explore what family means for the wider LGBTQIA+ community in Bermuda – both blood family and the concept of ‘chosen family’.   

As Nick described above, continuing to support and celebrate Pride in Bermuda is hugely important to us, and we’re looking forward to flying the SiriusPoint flag in August again. If you’re local to Bermuda, or due to visit, Pride will be taking place from August 28 – September 1, so please look out for more information on how to join in. 


SiriusPride London – In Conversation with Matt Ellison 

In the London Office we are excited to host the speaker Matt Ellison on June 25. Matt proudly represents the community as a transgender man and will be sharing his journey of adversity, self-awareness, and acceptance. This inspiring conversation will be streamed globally, allowing all at SiriusPoint to participate. 


Written by SiriusPoint