Helping our customers, colleagues and communities thrive

As a global provider of risk protection to communities, businesses and governments around the world, ESG considerations are at the heart of our operations. The values of sound risk management, good governance, sustainability and social responsibility are reflected in how we operate our business, and treat our colleagues, our clients and communities. The Governance and Nominating Committee of our Board of Directors has ultimate oversight over ESG strategy and practices at SiriusPoint and is responsible for reporting to the Board periodically on these issues. As we work to build SiriusPoint, we are looking for new opportunities to embed ESG values in our everyday business.

ESG at SiriusPoint

At SiriusPoint, our fundamental purpose as a (re)insurer is to help our customers and communities thrive by providing essential support when they need it most. We are committed to operating a sustainable business, where we actively encourage our stakeholders to do the right thing. Our vision is to grow our business, create value, and positively impact a changing world by being the most adaptive (re)insurer in the market. By design, our purpose, vision and values reflect a strong focus on ESG.


Our ESG journey starts at the top of our organization by setting the right tone for our colleagues globally. We take that responsibility seriously and intend to hold ourselves accountable.

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