International Medical Group and the advent of ‘revenge travel’


International Medical Group (IMG) is a travel medical insurance company and fully owned subsidiary of SiriusPoint. Steve Paraboschi, CEO of IMG discussed the current state of the travel medical insurance market, how COVID has impacted the industry, and the development of IMG’s product PTOgo with Leader’s Edge magazine.

Commenting on changes in the travel space in the US, Steve said: “We have seen COVID have a great impact on the travel insurance marketplace. As restrictions have been lifted, people need this insurance. They need extra experts to counsel them [before] travel and coverage to handle sickness situations if they occur.

“There are different travel trends that we see emerging also. We are seeing more expensive trips because of what some are calling ‘revenge travel’. People are going on once-in-a-lifetime or greatest-of-all travel. Friends are traveling together, and we see more multigenerational travel…”

Click here to read the article in Leader’s Edge, in which Steve and Prashanth discuss wellness programs, how PTOgo initiatives can support talent retention and recruitment, as well as COVID-19’s continued impact on the travel space.

Written by SiriusPoint