International Women’s Day: Karen Caddick, Chief Human Resources Officer


In celebration of International Women’s Day, today we’re meeting Karen Caddick, who is based in London.

What motivated you to become engaged with the Women in SiriusPoint network?
I am passionate about enabling women to feel supported to be the best that they can be. I’ve benefited hugely through my career from mentors from all walks of life and I want to give that to others too. I was a very shy child who struggled with confidence and belief in myself, yet I overcame all of this and have had a hugely fulfilling career working with so many wonderful people. Mentorship and the support of people willing to give their time are truly valuable and I want to give that to others.

Tell us about your job and what your day-to-day looks like.
My job is to ensure we have the right culture and people who are highly motivated and engaged to deliver our plans. I look after all things relating to our people, how we recruit them, train them, motivate them, and enable them to reach their full potential. Day to day, this means working with my brilliant team to deliver business plans – from BAU stuff like paying people to delivering the annual pay review and things like vision, purpose, values, and culture. I adore my job since I get to work with everyone in the business and do what I love. My team is amazing, and I love working with them. Every day is different since things crop up daily that need dealing with, so no day is the same as another!

What do you find most enjoyable about your job?
The most enjoyable parts of my job are when I watch someone do something that they didn’t think they could or perform better as a result of our discussions. I love watching people develop and grow to come outside of their comfort zones and achieve more than they thought they could. I love earning trust with people and being an ear if someone needs it or challenging them when required. In short – I love working with people and helping the business prosper through our people’s everyday actions.

Which of our values resonates with you the most, and why?
Integrity. Without it – who are you? Integrity is about who I am. That is, garnering the trust and confidence of those around me to know I will fulfill my promises and always act in the business’s best interest. That is me; it’s my core value. It runs alongside honesty; I am nothing if not always honest.

What advice would you give to women who are at the beginning of their careers?
You can do anything you set your mind towards. It’s our own self-limiting beliefs that get in the way. If you focus on a goal, seek mentorship and allyship along the way, and work hard to reach that goal, you can do it. I’d also say life is not a competition with others, it’s about teamwork, collaboration, friendship, and loving what you do. If you don’t love what you do you are in the wrong job – you should find something that you love because only then will you truly excel. I could go on all day – but I would also say don’t put your life on hold while you build your career, work is an important part of life, but don’t look back and say you missed out on life.

How did you get into the insurance industry?
I got into the insurance industry because I worked for a bookmaker when I was doing my degree (Stanley Racing) and I waxed lyrical at an interview with Royal Insurance about how insurance was just gambling and laying off bets with reinsurance. Yes, they chose to hire me. I had clearly been watching too many Grace Kelly films at the time (those who know will know). The Sun Alliance Graduate Scheme rejected me, probably for the same reason. That probably tells you everything you need to know about how well that particular merger went!

Who is the most influential woman you know? How does she inspire you?
It has to be my Mum. She has influenced my whole career by having no expectations of me apart from for me to do my best and be happy. You can go a long way with those sorts of expectations. She also really doesn’t have a deep sense of what I do. But her feedback about taking some time out, going for a walk with the dog, or just generally chilling out always lands in the right way.

How do you empower women around you?
I love seeing women succeed and strive to encourage success by believing in them and being there for them. Stretching and challenging people in the right way is so important. People will take on challenges if they know you are there for them to help them through it. I am always happy to mentor people and focus on building a team of peers who have one another’s backs, whether male or female. If you are in a team that fully supports you, you can go a long way knowing your colleagues are there for you and rooting for you to succeed. I am also mindful that I can be a role model for other women, so I take this responsibility very seriously.

Written by SiriusPoint