10 of our amazing people were recognized by their colleagues for living our SiriusPoint values and were nominated by their colleagues to be on the podium for the New York Stock Exchange bell ringing in August. We are more than just our jobs, and as ‘One SiriusPoint’ it’s important we understand how every person plays a role in helping us to be recognized as a best-in-class insurer and reinsurer. Meet Lloyd Holder, Chief Information Security Officer, who is based in Bermuda.

Keeping the bad guys out

As the Chief Information Security Officer, my responsibility is to protect the information systems within SiriusPoint, manage risk and ensure the organization’s security posture aligns with our business objectives. Basically, I make sure we keep the bad guys out. That’s everything from viruses to malware and malicious coding. My team is also responsible for educating everyone to help make sure we remain safe and operate effectively.

A normal day for me is very varied – conversations with my security team around emerging threats, looking at how to make our environment even more secure, making sure that we’re embracing new technologies as they emerge. I’m also always looking at how we can anticipate and drive solutions with our threat management process, as well as risk management and how we work with the regulators and manage compliance.

Being a role model and the value of a great team

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is when I can see that my team and I have moved the needle on our capability to manage security threats. When I see our external ratings agency move our rating higher, that’s my indicator that we’re doing the right things. We’re working as a team across all of SiriusPoint’s jurisdictions and seeing the results; saving the company time and money and preventing serious issues.

I’m blessed to work with people who make my job easier, and who show up as the best version of themselves. I’m a huge believer in collaboration and communication, and it’s so important to feel safe at work and to know that people have your back. We’ve been through a lot of transformation, and there’s probably still more to go, but we’ve pulled through it together.

Coming from a minority background, it’s also important for me to be able to be a role model for others. I think it’s key to be able to embrace different views, cultures, and approaches. The old saying ‘there’s more than one way to skin a cat’ definitely applies here – people address issues with different mindsets, and it’s valuable to have all those different ways of thinking in business.

I think as a company we’ve always strived for diversity, but now that it’s officially one of our values I’m seeing it in action more and starting to see leaders walking the talk. I want to do my bit too, and I’m always keen to get involved in supporting a diverse market – last year I chaired a panel discussion at the Festival for Diversity & Inclusion in Insurance (DiveIn), which was a great experience.

Supporting children’s wellness

My wife and I recently created a new product, the DigiRoo. It’s an ergonomically designed tablet case with an adjustable stand, so that kids can watch and use their tablets without harming their posture or necks. It’s been an amazing journey, and I’m so proud of the entrepreneurial spirit and hard work it took to go from an idea on the back of a napkin to a functional product people are buying.

It was my wife Antonia’s vision – during lockdown we were stuck at home, and she got very frustrated seeing our daughter on her tablet and the positions she was sitting in and how much pressure it was putting on her neck.

She had a dream, and sketched something out which she thought might help. I wasn’t sure at the beginning, because I thought it must already exist somewhere, but we had a friend of ours do a 3D rendering of it and started to look around the market.

Long story short, it didn’t exist anywhere else, and we have now patented it and are selling it here in Bermuda and via Amazon. I’m so proud of creating something which can help not only our children but other people’s too.

Life outside SiriusPoint

Aside from coaching Manchester United, I think if I weren’t doing this job, I’d be doing something in and around the community. I love giving back and using my talents to develop other people’s talents, so I’d do something like teaching or coaching.

We’re a very outdoorsy family, and I love spending time in my garden. There’s something about being outside and pulling weeds which is therapeutic.

I play a lot of sports too, and even scored a half century in cricket recently!