Partnerships & Collaboration: Air Centurion Case Study


An important part of SiriusPoint’s strategy is to continue to build a property and casualty insurance franchise centered around external partnerships with expert underwriting teams. Our aim is to collaborate across our global platform and leverage our market specialists around the world. We partner with program administrators (PA) and managing general agents that complement our underwriting appetite.  

From August 1, 2023, SiriusPoint will provide capacity to aviation insurance PA, Air Centurion Insurance Services (Air Centurion), supporting the team with underwriting and product development expertise. Air Centurion will exclusively use SiriusPoint America Insurance Company’s paper across the US.  

SiriusPoint’s Aviation & Space specialists provide insurance coverage solutions to international airlines and airports, general aviation aircrafts and satellites, offering clients direct aviation insurance. SiriusPoint also covers pool and consortium participants in Space, as well as reinsurance products to Aviation & Space insurers. 

Marc Wyss, Head of Aviation & Space at SiriusPoint said: “Our partnership with Air Centurion is complementary to our existing global aviation portfolio and supports the further growth of the insurance side of our business. For the team at SiriusPoint, we were able to combine our business line experts in the aviation and space market, with our specialist know-how in the programs arena to be more than a paper and capital provider to Air Centurion. It’s been a real team effort as we work as One SiriusPoint.” 

Patrick Charles, Head of North America Insurance, said: “This partnership is the result of effective collaboration between SiriusPoint’s Aviation & Space team, and our Programs team, and demonstrates the benefit of leveraging our global expertise to serve our partners and clients.  

“Air Centurion is a specialist player in the niche aviation market, and a program administrator which matches our drive to provide security and resilience to customers. We aspire to build a brand where SiriusPoint is viewed as the go-to partner in the Programs market due to our capabilities, creativity, responsiveness, financial strength, and relationship support. We value our capacity partnerships and aim to further develop these relationships to leverage underwriting expertise and distribution channels.” 

“This new partnership with SiriusPoint is a significant part of Air Centurion’s future growth and strategic development,” said Jason Niemela, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Air Centurion. “Having the support and backing of the SiriusPoint team means we can continue to deliver a specialized offering to the market, providing products that are custom designed for each client based on their specific exposures. Our partnership with SiriusPoint underscores our commitment to deliver on our objectives to become a reliable provider of aviation coverage across the US.” 

Find out more about Air Centurion, here. 

Written by SiriusPoint